Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 2

Boot camp started off with a rough workout...

100 lunges
80 push-ups
60 double under jump ropes (or 300 singles)
40 burpees
20 wall balls
800 meter run
rinse. repeat.

After yesterday's workout, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's day off.

Leigh and I took the dogs for a little walk. After all, its their At Home Vacation, too. Here's a couple of photos of us in the hood...

Speaking of "hood," look at the new mural we saw painted on the side of an East Atlanta business. Yes, that's a Colt 45 mural that says, "Works every time." Yes, its ghetto fabulous.

So, neither of us has had breakfast and we did that on purpose. We're going to Ann's Snack Bar for lunch. Never heard of Ann's Snack Bar? Then you're a moron.
It was judged to be America's Best Burger. Don't believe me? Look here...
I've been going there for years and it really is a very unique establishment. Ann is the proprietor of this eponymous establishment where she's been working the grill for 36 years. Her flagship burger is the Ghetto Burger, which is a giant double cheeseburger with bacon, and chili. I'm not exaggerating when I say its as big as your head.
Ann's place is not big and it only seats eight people. She seats eight, takes their orders, fixes the food, and then serves it up. When those eight are done, another eight may enter and take their seats.
Ann does not like standing in her snack bar. Nor does she like cursing. In fact, there are a list of rules hanging over the griddle. Let's just post the more colorful:
No babies on the snack bar,
No weapons in the snack bar,
No alcohol.
But the food is phenomenal.
Here's a couple of shots of the exterior...
Ann doesn't have a "real" sign out front, so you could drive right past it if you weren't looking. The only signs she has are the ones you see in the shots above. Wanna see more about Ann's? Take a look at this piece done by Channel 2 shortly after the WSJ's article came out. You may recognize one of the devistatingly handsome patrons...
Leigh and I had the regular, single cheeseburgers, which were probably close to a pound of meat each. Its unbelievable what this woman does with a burger. They really are the best burgers in the world.
I told Ann years ago that if I wasn't already married I'd ask her. She laughed and blushed a little.
After that enormous meal, we headed home and took naps. Leigh went to the bed and I took the couch where I fell asleep during Monty Python's "Life of Brian."
I woke up in time to walk up to a local pub called "The Midway," and I caught the two soccer matches for the UEFA 2008 Euro. I ran into several of my bar friends and we watched the Netherlands vs. Romania and France vs. Italy. They had two giant TV screens and one played on each screen.
The Netherlands and Italy both won. That means they'll be moving on to the next round.
Leigh joined me just after halftime and we had a nice little time watching soccer with our pub friends.
We wandered home, had a relatively light dinner, and retired early.
This vacation stuff is something I could get used to, real quick.
Someone asked me about my tshirt from last night. Here it is...

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