Thursday, June 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

If you are going to sell fireworks or your own line of bar-b-que sauces, you should get yourself a wacky nickname. For fireworks, get a nickname that touts your insanity. Something like, Crazy Dave, or Shifty Pete.
For bar-b-que sauce, go with a description of the body. Like, Stubbs, or Baldheaded Bob.

If you were to have a very useful superpower, I don't think you can do better than a mind-reading bartender. Imagine being able to have every patron's drink ready for them before they tell you what to make. Can you even begin to calculate what your tips would be?

Why does everyone forget what fun board games are? Every time someone plays one, they always say, "Oh, man, that was great. Why don't we do this more often?"
But the Monopoly sits quietly in the closet next to Uncle Wiggley and Chutes and Ladders for months on end.
Sure, the Twister mat gets broken out every other drunken Saturday (usually in the Summer), but everything else gets neglected.

Day 4

Thursday started off, as usual, with boot camp.

We started off with a 400 meter run. My time was 1:15.
Then we ran four 200 meter runs, with 3 minutes of rest in between each run.

Then we did a 16-minute circuit of:
15 Pull-ups
20 dips
40 squats
Medicine ball throws...50 yards out and back
20 kettlebell thrusters
As many rounds as possible.

Leigh and I had lunch with her mom at a place near GA Tech called Jaqbo Cafe. Its a great little deli place that does a kickin' lunch business. Here's the outside with Leigh's mom holding the door. Looks inviting, doesn't it?

Here's the inside. That's me at the counter on the left with the white shirt with pink flamingos on it.

I had the quiche. And, yes, real men eat quiche.
Look at it...It's like almost a pound of food.

Here's Leigh's chicken salad sandwich...

And here's Leigh's mom with the half sandwich/soup combo...

On the way out, I noticed this random graffiti on the side of the building. I don't usually like this kind of tagging, but I liked the reference from "The Outsiders."

We loaded up on beers and went to the pool, again. You've already seen photos of us in our bathing suits, so just upload them and relive the moment.

For dinner, we went to a cuban place in Midtown called Papi's. I wouldn't say they were the friendliest people in the world, but the food was pretty good...

After that, we went to a local bar called The Glenwood. They were having a little celebration for their One Year Anniversary, so we stopped by. We met up with our friends Bill and Jen and Angie for a few drinks and a few laughs.

Bill is a funny dude and he's got a million funny stories. He's genuinely one of the funniest people I know.