Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 1

So, the vacation is ready to get underway. I start off with Boot Camp, which was a tough one, today. Here's our workout:
1 mile run
3 sets of:
10 bronco burpies
15 pull-ups
30 kettlebell swings
40 Supermans
1 mile run.

Yes, we started and ended with a mile run.

Leigh and I decided to walk up to Kasan Red for breakfast. Along the way, we picked up our neighbor, Jen, and the three of us had a nice meal.

Here's Leigh, looking cosmopolitan.

Here's Leigh and Jen passing a local "celebrity" called "The Sheriff."

His real name is William and he's a local guy that hangs out in East Atlanta just about every day. He got his nickname from wearing an old Western cowboby shirt with a Sheriff's badge on it. He would go around and tell people what to do.
Fox5 did a piece on him a few years ago. Here it is...
The breakfast was wonderful and satisfying. I love Kasan Red. I also love the mimosas we had. Sure, I know they're a girly drink. I don't care. They were yummy.

So, after lunch, we go to Leigh's sister's pool and hang out there with Jen for a couple hours. Of course, I had beers and the girls had some sort of Smirnoff pomegrante drink. It was sweet and tasted like a girly drink. I wanted none of it. Here's the pool and us at it...


After the pool, we chilled out a bit and drank some more. Then we picked up Allison and went for sushi dinner. It was a nice Atlanta summer night and we sat out on the patio...

Our dinner...

Jen (left) and Allison...

Jen and Allison goofing off...

All four of us, Jen, Allison, Me, and Leigh.

From there, we went home and met up with Jason and one of Jen's friends named Angie. Jason brought over a bottle of champagne to celebrate Leigh's birthday (Sunday). We had some cheesecake with a Kahlua chocolate sauce and a lot of laughs.
This was a great, great first day of the At Home Vacation.

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