Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 3

Leigh and I haven't been to Six Flags for at least fifteen years. As a kid, it seemed like the closest thing to Nirvana you'd find in Georgia. They had roller coasters, cotton candy, trinkets, and stuffed animal games.
Waiting in line was no big deal and every moment was a new discovery. There was ice cream and Icees. Arcade games and water rides.
As we got older, new priorities filled the spare time. Mortgages and car payments keep us away from Six Flags today.
Well, that's what an At Home Vacation is supposed to be; spare time filled with childhood fun and whatever else we want. Today, we want Six Flags.

There were many new rides. Many.
Back in the day, The Mindbender was a Hell of a ride. It had three loops, after all. These days, you don't even get started without five loops. One of Six Flags' rides is called The Goliath and rises two hundred feet above the ground. That's about the height of a twenty story building. It goes seventy miles an hour.
Things have changes.

Here's me getting ready to be thrown around...

We also did all the cheesy little rides that you did as a kid. Here's Leigh on the Hanson car ride...

Here's us on the carousel...

Here's an example of how much things have changed. Its kinda hard to see in this photo unless you know what you're looking for, but check this out...The horses now have seat belts. On the carousel. Yes, on the carousel...

We also rode the bumper cars, and I totally owned Leigh.

Here's Leigh standing outside the Log Jamboree ride. Of course, that's also the title to a movie that was the sequel to Log Jammin', which starred Karl Hungus.

And this is the good old Great American Scream Machine...

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